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The 37 best feelings in golf, according to golfers

1. Hitting a forged blade pure

Feels like butter.

2. Hitting exactly the shot you had planned

Imagination becomes reality.

3. Cracking open an ice cold beer during a hot round

A little bit of swing oil to get things going.

4. Your playing partners saying “great shot” after you flush a shot

Now time to help them find their ball.

5. Knowing a putt is in the hole before it even drops

Especially when you walk it in.

6. Making an eagle

They don’t come often, but they’re wonderful when they do.

7. Securing a lead in a heated match

A 1-up lead is tenuous; a 2-up lead is emphatic.

8. A long walk with a putter

Greg Norman’s most famous quote.

9. Ripping your first drive of the day

It sets the tone for the round.

10. Finishing well on 18

Good or bad, your performance on the 18th is the one you’ll remember.

11. Thinning a shot to three feet.

Yea, totally meant to do that.

12. Hitting a chip too hard but seeing it hit the pin and stop close.

Just how I planned it.

13. Getting to the next tee and not having to wait.

This might be THE best feeling in golf.

14. Flushing a 3-wood off the deck

Especially when it rolls up onto the green.

15. Such a pure feeling is the well-struck golf shot

A famous line in The Golf Swing, by Roy McAvoy.

16. Draining a long putt

You weren’t expecting to make it, but you’re happy you did.

17. A fast round

No one ahead or behind you to disrupt your rhythm.

18. Twilight golf

The sun just starts to set, as you race against daylight to finish the round.

19. Hitting a tight draw

A power draw, with total control.

20. Saving par

Golf isn’t a game of perfect.

21. Playing a round with your family

Golf is a game the entire family can enjoy.

22. The sound of the ball dropping into the cup

Mission accomplished.

23. Hitting a driving shot into the wind

Plus, it looks cool.

24. Chipping in

Everyone loves a good chip in.

25. Hitting a good shot during a terrible round.

Sometimes, it’s that one shot that keeps you coming back.

26. When your kids want to play golf with you

Passing the torch to the next generation of golfers.

27. Breaking 90 for the first time

A score in the 80s sounds so much better, doesn’t it?

28. Breaking 80 for the first time

It’s a truly monumental achievement.

29. Getting your handicap to single-digits

Commands universal respect.

30. The feeling when you make a great backswing turn

This ball is about to be HIT.

31. The sound of a pure strike.

Like a crack of thunder.

32. When you hit it so pure you don’t need to watch it any more

You already know where that shot is going.

33. Making an ace

Often it only happens once in a lifetime. Savor it.

34. Sinking a clutch putt

Match on the line? Not anymore.

35. Making all your short putts.

Like clockwork.

36. When the weather is perfect

The perfect day to play.

37. Outdriving everyone

You’re away.

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